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B3 Podcast – Episode 15: Unapologetically, full-on dark mode.


Today Mike and guest co-host Chad Coleman discuss the new precious from Apple as well as the various “-gates” that have popped up already. Naturally, iOS 10 and Mike’s affinity for all things dark mode comes to light (no pun intended). We also entertain a joyful banter about the headphone jack’s death, Chad’s sparring with the Verge’s Nilay Patel, and macOS Sierra with a healthy bit of Twitter app debate appearing to wrap things up. It was a jam packed show and a marathon one at that. Sit back, relax, and let the audio pulses of Chad’s illustrious radio voice…

Episode 14: iOS10 Going more Risqué


Facebook censors iconic Vietnam war photo, Note 7 recall now official, iPhone 7 sold out, there’s porn hiding in iOS10, 1080ti specs leak, Steam makes adjustments to player reviews, Playstation 4.00 update, Gaia Space telescope plots a billion stars, Uber’s self-driving taxis have hit the streets, Adblock Plus Now Sells Ads, the Snowden movie directed by Oliver Stone, and Paralympians who ran faster than Olympic Gold Medalists, and much, much more. If you’re bored this afternoon, we welcome you to join us in iTunes and leave us a review – good, bad, or otherwise. Really, just leave us a thought…we’re…

B3 Podcast – Episode 13: iPhone 7, Playstation 4.5, and Sweet, Sweet Burrito Rain


We dissect the Playstation 4 Pro Conference and what that means for consumers who are looking to take the leap into 4K. There’s also some talk about Apple’s iPhone 7 conference (much more in depth wrap-up here). However, most importantly, we discover that Chipotle now possesses the technology for drone burrito deliveries. (There is a God!) You read that right…look to the heavens for Odin’s wondrous bounty. Apple, Playstation, and rolled food stuffs – it’s what B3 is all about! RSS | iTunes | Google Play Show Notes Episode 13.2 (aka – 14) More samsung note 7…

B3 Podcast – Episode 12: Instagram Selfies and a $30 Million Cocaine Bust


Social Media…a tool for sharing information and limitless interactivity coupled with a bit of questionable human behavior. This week we cover YouTube’s censorship of vloggers, more Twitter oversights, fake news stories on Facebook, a $30 Million Instagram cocaine bust, the Grumpy Cat Lawsuit, Samsung smart watches, and much, much more. It’s an adventure full of ups and downs, laughing and crying, glee and shame. No, you won’t see the same emotion twice. RSS | iTunes | Google Play

Pre-launch iPhone 7 Reviews


sWe are commoner scum in Apple’s eyes, unfit and incapable of touching their beautiful precious prior to release. Many sites however, are fortunate enough to get an early hands-on review time. For them, we clap and bow admiration and jealousy. With that said, here are a grouping of early reviews from the internets best sites (we’ll update as as more are posted. iPhone ArsTechnica Buzzfeed Business Insider CNet Daily Mail DaringFireball Engadget Express Independent Irish Times Mobile Syrup Mossberg NYT Stuff Straits Times Sunday Morning Herald TechCrunch The Loop The Verge Time USA Today Wired WSJ AirPods Wired

Twitter’s longer tweet limit coming September 19th


Back in May Twitter announced that the tweet length was getting a healthy tweak for the first time in the company’s history. While limits as high as 10,000 were rumored (and did make its way into direct messages), Twitter’s current CEO Jack Dorsey, said that instead, certain concessions would be made with elements of tweets. Above it all though, no set time frame was given for the relaxes character limit counting. According to an updated post on The Verge posted today, that day is September 19th. On this day, Twitter will start — all at once or gradually increase over…

Twitter beefs up direct messages with new chat features


Were you wanting some more chatty, iMessage like features and functionality in Twitter DM’s? Many will probably shake their head “No” in this instance but these days, we’ll admit we’ll take what we can get from Twitter. That said, Twitter announced today new DM functionality is rolling out. Specifically… Read receipts Typing indicator In-line link previews Twitter has, for a long while, been trying to make DMs feel more like a messaging app all unto their own. Hell, in the last year it had been rumored that Twitter was working on a standalone DM app to act as a sort…

B3 Podcast – Episode 11: iPhone 7 Wrap-up


Today was a big day for Apple fans – iPhone 7 day! While we’ve known for a little while now that the actual physical looks would not be the big “Tick” change that would normally have come at this point, there’s still plenty to like under the hood of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. With that said, we’ve got a special iPhone 7 podcast wrap-up to take you through the goods. (It’s a trek, sorry.) For those that would rather simply read a TL;DR, below is a bullet point list of the important items in an easily digestible format.…

Sleeper hit of the day: $29 AppleCare+ screen replacement


There’s no beating around the bush – breaking your screen sucks. Paying to have that screen replaced sucks even more. While it’s not so bad for iPhone owners thanks to AppleCare+, $100 is still a tough pill to swallow, especially if you have to do that a few times over the life of your phone. But, Apple has a new option. Specicially, if you come in and show them your spiderwebbed iPhone screen, you now only have to pay $29 to get the screen fixed instead of the full $99. That said, anything other than a broken screen and you’re…

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Verizon announces LTE advanced with 300 Mbps peak speeds now available nationwide


While we’ve said a lot of critical things about Verizon over the years, every once in a while they do us a solid. Case in point: today the carrier announced a big speed boost to their entire network based off of LTE Advanced which will see up to 50% faster speeds. Specifically, the upgraded LTE will see speeds top 300 Mbps (depending on a number of factors, though) ultimately providing you at the very least, more than you have now. The new speeds come compliments of carrier aggregation which is basically a a shorter way to describe the combining of spectrum…

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