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Cisco component issue spells untimely death for long list of hardware.


If you’re in the business/enterprise world, you no doubt interact with or manage a number of Cisco and/or Meraki products, and for good reason. They’re dependable and long lasting. But a certain issue has popped up that appears fairly wide spread and as of right now, it seems like Cisco is trying to keep it as low key as possible (read: sweep it under the rug if they can). The issue, (highlighted here) is a hardware issue revolving around the clock signal component. Long story short – as the affected devices near and cross 18 months of life, they can…

B3 Podcast – Episode 24: Fiddlesticking for Subscribers


Palmer Luckey gives VR testimony, Samsung files a trademark for the Dex Mount, LG’s G6 will reportedly have Google Assistant, and YouTubers “Lena the Plug” and “No Jumper” will put out a sex tape if they both reach 1 million subscribers. We also talk about our experiences with the ExoLens, Aukey Car Mount, Nintendo Switch Presentation, Split movie, Final Fantasy XV, and Resident Evil 7. iTunes | RSS

Nintendo releasing a parental controls app for iOS


NIntendo’s newly (fully) revealed Switch is one of the more exciting things they’ve done in a while. And in late 2016/early 2017, we’ve even seen some strides towards Nintendo embracing mobile devices and apps with games such as Pokemon Go (yes, we know it’s more Niantic’s baby) and Mario Run. Yes. Excitement in Nintendo is higher than it has been in a while. That said, there is a new app in the pipeline set for release later this year that is perhaps more intriguing than the aforementioned goodies: a parental control iOS app. Now it may not seem very exciting…

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B3 Podcast – Episode 23: Best & Worst of 2016/CES 2017


We have returned from our hiatus to bring you the Best & Worst of 2016 Tech, our Top 2016 Games, and a bit of CES Speculation/discussion. So sit back with your bowl of celery sticks and carrots (you’re still committed to that resolution, aren’t you?!?) and let’s take a journey together into the recent past and the mysterious future. It’s going to be a totally cosmic ride. Hope you and yours had stellar holidays! Thanks for listening. iTunes | RSS

CES Day 1 Wrap-up


To say there was a lot of new tech unveiled at CES 2017 would be an understatement of epic proportions. That said, there are always some stand out gems and overall cool stuff. This year it is no different. Day 1 of CES saw things such as LG’s crazy thin OLED TV, an under water drone (because flying drones are so 2016), and an odd but unique music creation attachment that can be connected to your phone and interacts with a downloadable app. Day 1 coverage video compliments of TechLaunchPad In addition to the above, the slew of Windows laptops shown…

Review: Google Pixel


For a long time, Google’s Nexus program has been the warrior of “pure Google”. Enthusiasts and power users alike have gravitated towards Google’s often low key, but powerful devices designed and built in cooperation with hardware manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Huawei and more. For 2016 however, Google has done something many didn’t see coming, and something that many aren’t fond of – they killed the Nexus program. More accurately, Google has replaced the low margin, low volume “pure” experience with something that is higher revenue (for them), has the possibility to be much higher volume relatively speaking, and still…

B3 Podcast – Episode 22: Bigger, Fatter, and Fully Stuffed.


Google Pixel revenue is up, battery tech breakthroughs, Reddit has a child for a CEO, Nintendo partners with Universal Studios but still makes boneheaded decisions about the NES Classic Edition, Final Fantasy XV sales skyrocket, everyone can now have a questionably reliable self-driving car, watching Netflix in offline mode, auto dealers “under attack” by Tesla, Amazon cuts incentivized reviews, and the Internet Archive moves to Canada to avoid repeating that whole Library of Alexandria incident. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Sit back, loosen your pants, and listen to another episode full of wholesome, thought provoking mental fodder. …

Review: Spark for Mac


If you would have asked me about Twitter apps back in 2010-2012, I would have droned on for 13 hours naming off any and every decent (or better) Twitter app for a number of platforms. I would have told you intimate details about every pro, every con, and every thing else in between. But Twitter turned into a giant cesspool, controlled by a three-headed dragon, of which, none of the heads could make good decisions. So here we are in 2016. What does an obsessive person such as myself have to turn to now for a fix? Email apps. But…

Exploit allows for iCloud lock bypass


For normal consumers, reclaiming an iCloud locked device is usually pretty straight forward – take your proof of purchase to an Apple Store and they’ll generally unlock it for you. Business entities have the same path to reclaiming devices, generally, except depending on how the iPads were acquired, getting that proof of purchase may not be possible. If that’s the case, get ready for months of back and forth with Apple. That’s what I had to do. If you happen to have such an iPad and want another crack at making it useful again, Indian security researcher Hemanth Joseph has published…

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