Nintendo releasing a parental controls app for iOS


NIntendo’s newly (fully) revealed Switch is one of the more exciting things they’ve done in a while. And in late 2016/early 2017, we’ve even seen some strides towards Nintendo embracing mobile devices and apps with games such as Pokemon Go (yes, we know it’s more Niantic’s baby) and Mario Run. Yes. Excitement in Nintendo is higher than it has been in a while. That said, there is a new app in the pipeline set for release later this year that is perhaps more intriguing than the aforementioned goodies: a parental control iOS app.

Now it may not seem very exciting on the surface. But as the video below details, it essentially makes it easy (and seemingly a bit more robust than one may expect from Nintendo) for parents to control kids’ screen time with the Nintendo Switch. For parents especially, this is going to be an insanely handy tool to have and gives us hope that Nintendo could release other cool functionality (or more) by way of mobile apps in the future.

Source: YouTube


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