CES Day 1 Wrap-up


To say there was a lot of new tech unveiled at CES 2017 would be an understatement of epic proportions. That said, there are always some stand out gems and overall cool stuff. This year it is no different. Day 1 of CES saw things such as LG’s crazy thin OLED TV, an under water drone (because flying drones are so 2016), and an odd but unique music creation attachment that can be connected to your phone and interacts with a downloadable app.

Day 1 coverage video compliments of TechLaunchPad

In addition to the above, the slew of Windows laptops shown off today in every size and configuration seem to indicate the traditional PC isn’t dead like so many love to claim. That said, one of the most stand out laptops in my eyes – this (claimed) 17-hour battery life packing gem from LG. Windows aside, there was even some love for slighted (new) Macbook Pro owners looking for a bit more utility from their ever shrinking (in size) laptop by way of an aftermarket dock/case of sorts. And of course, what would a consumer electronics show be without phones, namely, Android phones (such as the new ASUS ZenFone 3)?

Perhaps one of the biggest things to watch however, are smart home/connected appliances. It’s a sector of the tech world that is quite literally exploding. And one thing that is quickly becoming apparent in the “smart” devices category: Amazon’s Alexa is getting popular, quick,  with a boatload of new hardware that has built in Alexa functionality.

CES 2017 is just getting started. Stay tuned…


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