Twitter’s longer tweet limit coming September 19th


twitter-logoBack in May Twitter announced that the tweet length was getting a healthy tweak for the first time in the company’s history. While limits as high as 10,000 were rumored (and did make its way into direct messages), Twitter’s current CEO Jack Dorsey, said that instead, certain concessions would be made with elements of tweets. Above it all though, no set time frame was given for the relaxes character limit counting.

According to an updated post on The Verge posted today, that day is September 19th.

On this day, Twitter will start — all at once or gradually increase over time, we’re not sure — effectively increasing the amount of characters you can make use of by cancelling out certain items within tweets that currently count towards the 140 character limit. Items that will eventually not count against the character limit include:

  • Media attachments (images, GIFs, videos, polls, etc.) – **Announced in May
  • Quoted tweets – **Announced in May
  • Usernames placed at the beginning of a tweet – **Revealed September 12th

While we certainly would welcome an overall, global rising of the character limit bar, any such drastic plans have all but been quashed exclusively by Jack himself. Jack maintains that Twitter’s charm and effectiveness is in the forced creativity and brevity. Fair enough.

Much like 0-rating has hugely decreased (on T-Mobile at least) what actually counts towards your mobile data, Twitter is making it much easier to get out longer ideas within the same amount of space.


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