Twitter beefs up direct messages with new chat features


twitter-logoWere you wanting some more chatty, iMessage like features and functionality in Twitter DM’s? Many will probably shake their head “No” in this instance but these days, we’ll admit we’ll take what we can get from Twitter. That said, Twitter announced today new DM functionality is rolling out. Specifically…

  • Read receipts
  • Typing indicator
  • In-line link previews

Twitter has, for a long while, been trying to make DMs feel more like a messaging app all unto their own. Hell, in the last year it had been rumored that Twitter was working on a standalone DM app to act as a sort of “Twitter Messenger”. Alas, we have yet to see any such app and these days, Twitter seems less sure that it wants to peg itself as a messaging app (or anything, for that matter). Still, we’ll take it. It at the very least makes the whole DM experience more rich and engaging.


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