T-Mobile tweaks T-Mobile One plans leading up to launch


tmobileonelogoLast week I touched on the joke that was T-Mobile One, the company’s supposedly awesome new unlimited-for-everyone plans. “Uncarrier 12” as it was labeled was anything but “un”carrier. I suspected there would be changes. And today, that hunch turned out to be true.

Today, T-Mobile announced that they are making some tweaks to T-Mobile One, and it’s actually a very good follow-up.

For starters, the unlimited 2G tethering (capped to 128 Kbps) has now been upgraded to unlimited 3G tethering (up to 512 Kbps). Furthermore, on the updated One plans customers will be able to purchase one day (24 hours) HD video passes that allow for unlimited HD video streaming (an upgrade from the 480p limit sans payment). There is no limit on the amount of day passes you can purchase. Perhaps the most important change —¬†a higher end “T-Mobile One Plus” plan for $25/month will be added to the non-plus, $70/month plan announced last week and include unlimited 4G LTE tethering/hotspot functionality. (The previous option was a $15/month add-on for 5 GB chunks of LTE tethering).¬†Finally, and most important to world travelers, T-Mobile One Plus increases the global data speeds from 2G to 3G.

T-Mobile One seemed like quite the uncharacteristic move from the “uncarrier” carrier. It’s nice to see T-Mobile listening to feedback and tweaking the plans accordingly into much more palatable and pro-consumer offerings. Good on Tmo.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: TmoNews


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