Flamingo is our new favorite Android Twitter client


flamingo-logoDeveloper Sam Ruston ring a bell? If you’re Android user you may have heard of his weather app, Weather Timeline before. (It’s a great app) Today, we stumbled onto (ht: 9to5 Google) another app of his that’s still in its infancy – Flamingo, a new Twitter client. We know, we know. Another Twitter app? Put that attitude aside and give it a shot, because once you do, you’ll find a great 1.0 app (currently sitting at at the moment) that is well worth the $0.99 Sam is asking for it.


For starters, the small but subtle animations are nice. And… *gasp*… bottom tabs! It’s not the first app to do it but it’s also a non-common thing still. Google finally “officially” supported bottom oriented tabs/navigation more recently. Few developers have jumped on board. But in 2016 with phones being as large as they are, having all your important navigation way up top is annoying to say the lease. Kudos to Sam for giving the end user the ultimate say, though, in that you can customize where the tab bar shows as well as hide it altogether. (You can swipe between columns too.)


Features are not as fully fluffed as longtime apps for obvious reasons. That said, Sam is quick with the updates and at responding to people on Twitter with suggestions. At the time of writing, another fairly big feature upgrade is planned to drop in the next couple of days.

Some of the more important features currently available include:

  • Themes (preset and custom) w/ the ability to set different themes for each connected Twitter account. Day/night auto theme switching
  • Navigation customization: top tabs, bottom tabs, no tabs + swiping from column to column.
  • Ability to add/remove/re-organize columns
  • Lock/unlock UI elements like top/bottom tab bars and floating compose button.
  • Integrated GIF attachments (among other media types too)
  • Ability to swap tap and tap + hold functionality
  • Auto grouping of tweets so conversations are easier to follow (can be turned off)


Again, we have to reiterate that it is a beta product. As such, the vast majority of the time using Flamingo is problem free. However, we have noticed sometimes when composing a tweet that the keyboard gets a little goofy with typing/spelling. We’ve also had a few random force closes where the app simply crashed.

If you’re bored with your Android Twitter client as of late or simply like trying new things, Flamingo is a great thing to add to your homescreen either way. Bonus;┬áThe developer, @Sam_Ruston, has been quick to respond to requests and questions on Twitter which is always a good sign for end users.


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