Karma is bringing Nokia back to the phone world


nokia_xlOk. We don’t know if you’d exactly use “karma” as the proper way to describe today’s unfolding events. Nonetheless, there is a combined irony/excitement/karma-ish aspect to it all. If you look at the whole story arc, Microsoft galavanting in, spending a bunch, then writing it all off just a few short years later only to have the Nokia brand start up again and move towards Android does drip with some sort of irony/karma, no?

With that said…

First: Microsoft is selling it’s feature phone business to the Foxconn subsidiary for $350 million. Along with the paper trail, FIH is gaining a Hanoi, Vietnam based manufacturing plant and (up to) a 4,500 labor force who is being given the option of making the move as well.

Second: More excitingly however, is news that Nokia is coming back in to the phone world. There have been murmurings and teases for awhile now. But today it becomes a bit more official with Nokia announcing that they will be licensing and the Nokia brand name and IP to HMD Global based out of Finland. This particular deal mentions only “feature phones” that will carry the Nokia brand name at first. But given Foxconn’s previous foray with the Nokia branded N1 tablet and talk of Android, smartphones look like an option on the table as well.

Bonus: Nokia announced plans to acquire French wearables maker Withings a few weeks back.

The not too distant future looks bright for the Nokia brand name and for nostalgic consumers who were fans of the Nokia brand and products of years past. A resurgence in feature phones, smartphones, (tablets maybe) and a new venture with wearables has all the right checkboxes checked on paper. Nokia has always made great hardware. The aforementioned N1 tablet was a nicely designed piece of gadgetry. Here’s to hoping Nokia comes back from the near death Microsoft experiment.


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