Fenix is back in the Play Store.


For the last several years, 3rd party Twitter clients have kind of come to a screeching halt. Yeah. Every once in a while a unique one pops up. But the bittersweet curse of popularity means once something gets too good, the 100,000 token limit swoops in to knee cap the developers ultimate success. Most recently, a popular 3rd party Twitter app by the name of Fenix hit the 100k limit, after which the developer was forced to pull it from the store. Sadness all around. But today, things are looking up as the app is back in the Play Store, with the developer saying he worked it out with Twitter and that there shouldn’t be any more issues going forward.

fenixWe’re not sure why or how but after going through the limited info online as well as replies by the dev himself (see above), we’re going to assume that Twitter pulled a few strings, looked the other way a few times, and ultimately made an exception for Fenix. Can we expect more apps to see such grace? Will Twitter publicly acknowledge a change in policy regarding 3rd party apps? We’ve reached out to Twitter and will update this post if/when more is known.

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