Nokia scooping up Withings for $192M


withings-activiteNokia holds a special place in our hearts. For the real mobile nerds of years past, their glorious history is still present in our memories. These days, though the gloriousness of the brand name may be a distant afterthought, there’s always a small glimmer of hope that they can come back in some form to once again be in the limelight. While some rumors have pegged Nokia as toying with smartphones again, it appears the most immediate resurgence into relativity is going to come by way of IoT, specifically, wearables and smart devices.

Today, Nokia scooped up France based Withings for a cool $192M. The big play here is on IoT and the prospective increase in health data, both consumer focused and health care industry focused.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nokia handles the Withings brand as thus far, it’s been gaining quite a bit of traction in the wearable space thanks to affordable, simple smartwatches.

Via: Zdnet


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