Review: TYLT RIBBN car charger


IMG_1423Smartphones rock. Running out of battery and being stuck in a panic situation sucks. You have options, though. You can carry around a spare battery pack, utilize a battery case if there are models available for your phone, and of course, plug in to some sort of outlet be it wall or car. Today, we’re looking at the latter most option with TYLT’s RIBBN car charger.

What is it?

The RIBBN is more or less your standard auto charger for your mobile device. However, it’s not exactly “normal”. For starters, it has an extra USB port that delivers a potent 1amp charge to any attached device in addition to whatever you plug into the end of it.

Second, the design. It’s both meant to stand out from a form standpoint as well as provide some added function. During our time with the RIBBN we found it to tangle less than your typical circular cable.

How much/Colors

It’s $39.99 From TYLT which may seem a tad high for a charger. But when you compare it to say, Apple’s in-houes chargers which are ~$30 for a single cable, you’ll come to realize the added features and charging port on the RIBBN make a case for the higher price point.

Available in both microUSB and Lightning tipped variants.



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