Spotify announces Android Wear support!


spotifyOne of the key reasons to own a smartwatch is to make your life easier, quicker, and more efficient. Part of all of these improvements comes from simply not having to pickup your phone and set it down all the time and/or constantly fishing it in and out of you pocket. Beginning today, Spotify users are joining the wearable app crowd.

Over the course of June, an update to Spotify will be rolling out that will bring Spotify to Android Wear, allowing browsing of your library on the go, on your wrist.

We’re not the biggest fans of apps trying to recreate too much phone/tablet/desktop functionality on your wrist. The vastly different usage scenario means what’s good on the other platforms doesn’t play well on the phone all that often. In Spotify’s case we’ll stay optimistic that it isn’t too cumbersome. At the very least, skipping/pausing tracks is now easier and quicker. So there’s that.

Any interested Android Wear/Spotify users?


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