“Proactive” is allegedly Apple’s answer to Google Now.


One of Android’s greatest features (when it works well at least) is Google Now. The ability to quickly see a slew of relevant and interesting info stretching across calendar entries, weather, shipping notifications and more all in one easy to see timeline shouldn’t be under estimated. On the iOS side of things, Google does have an app for iOS. Though, of course, given how Apple sandboxes 3rd party apps, it’s not really the full, true Google Now/search. But that could be changing if a new report by 9to5Mac is correct.

IMG_0470According to 9to5’s Mark Gurman, Apple has it’s own Google Now solution in the works, dubbed internally as “Proactive”. In fact, Apple’s been working on Proactive in some form or fashion for a couple years. Like Google Now, Proactive will pull from a myriad of sources including Siri, Calendar/Contacts, Maps/POI’s, and even third party apps.

Thus far, Siri has proven to be like most voice assisted…um…assistants. That is, she’s helpful at times and a handy “feature” on paper but at least for us at B3, rarely used. If Proactive from Apple is as good as Gurman makes it out to be, iOS users could be in for quite a treat as early as iOS 9.

In his post Gurman does a great deal of detailing possible features of the app and throws out a handful of ideas that Proactive could be implemented in iOS, so if you’re curious to say the least, it’s worth checking out his post.

We’re fans of the idea of Google Now but wish it worked better and more reliably. On the iOS side we simply wish there was something equivalent to Google Now. With Apple’s WWDC 2015 just a couple weeks a way, we may get the first glimpses at such a feature. *Fingers crossed*

Source: 9to5Mac


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