Review: Fuse Chicken Bobine Charger.


Fuse Chicken. What does that bring to mind? It’s probably not a gadget accessory. While Fuse Chicken may have one of the oddest names of an electronic/gadget maker we’ve come across, don’t let it deter you. Out of all the accessories and “gadgetry” we’ve checked out, the Fuse Chicken Bobine is perhaps one of the biggest surprises that’s come through our doors. Let us explain…


It’s really quite simple. The Bobine is a charging cable for Lightning devices, specifically iPhones/iPod Touches. The utility comes in the stiff but bendable metal casing around the cable. Plug the Bobine into your charging device of choice (in most cases for what it’s designed, a laptop) and mold it into a good shape that allows for easy glancing.

Aaaand…that’s it.

Why it’s awesome

See above. If you’re on your computer a lot (like we are), you’ve probably got a situation where you have a charging cable and/or dock for your phone. Depending on your phone and cable/dock, you probably pick up your phone and sit it down a lot to interact with it. With the Bobine you can glance at it super easily and it’s at an angle and position that you can easily use it too.

After rocking the Bobine for a couple weeks we’re pretty certain it’s one of the best accessories you can get for your iPhone/iPod. It may seem a tad steep for a charging cable at $35. But do not under estimate the benefit of having your phone/iPod situated in an easily readable and usable position. For desk warriors, this thing is a must have.

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