Periscope for Android finally released.


Android users have had a long history of getting left over scraps when it comes to new apps/services. While iOS may have an overall smaller footprint — Start the vicious debating! — Android for some reason still can’t score exclusives (most of the time). But alas, that is neither here nor there today, as one big holdout, Periscope, is finally on Android.

The live streaming app recently purchased by Twitter and launched on iOS a month or so back allows quick and easy live broadcasting of anything, anywhere, and at any time.

iOS users will see very little difference in the Android version save for a few UI tweaks such as the broadcast screen/tab on iOS being relegated to a large, red button on the opening screen. (Thank you Material Design…) Otherwise, Periscope for Android is pretty straight forward. Launching the app takes you right into the current/recent broadcasts screen followed by the second screen which shows broadcasts around the world when sliding right. A third screen shows “most popular” users though, as many have pointed out, the system for “popular” is merely a popularity/celebrity game at this point. Here’s to hoping Periscope/Twitter tweak the algorithm and classification of popular to favor good, quality content instead of being a shallow showcase of gaming the popularity system.

Minor gripes aside, Android users who’ve been looking over their shoulder at their iOS brethren and making due with Meerkat can now finally get in on the Periscope action.

Download Periscope for Android: Google Play



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