Microsoft OneClip: A cross-platform clipboard


Have you ever been in a situation where you go to paste something from your clipboard and what you need is not there?  I know I have!

Microsoft has a solution: Microsoft OneClip!

OneClip is a cross-platform cloud application for Windows 10, Windows Phone, iOS, OSX, and Android.  Currently it’s labeled as an internal beta, however, you can download the application on a Windows Phone device.

Microsofts description of the application:

OneClip is being developed by the Microsoft Garage program, which consists of interns, employees, and teams that come together to turn their ideas into real projects.


Image Credit: Venture Beat

Here at BitBitByte, we have yet to test the application, but this is what we are hearing in regards to features:


  • Filter by the date/time you have copied text, images, etc to OneClip
  • Ignore Applications that you do not want to copy/paste to and from.  Password applications like LastPass, etc are already added into the Ignore list.
  • Pair multiple devices into a “OneClip Group”

We will keep an eye out to see when the application has been released on the other platforms via their respective app stores. As of right now, Microsoft has officially commented on the rumor above, simply saying it’s part of Microsoft Garage’s projects list.

Source: Windows Central

Via: Venture Beat

More: Microsoft Garage


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