State of the Nexus: May 2015 II


While we published a “state of the Nexus” article a couple weeks back for the month of May, things in the tech world can change in an instant. It may have seemed like May was going to come and go without much more in the way of interesting info regarding the next-gen Nexus phone. But wouldn’t you know it, people kind of care about the Nexus program. As such, people are constantly looking for juicy details regarding Google’s next latest and greatest stock Android devices.

Case in point: Android Police posted yesterday afternoon about some new information pertaining to the next-gen Nexus phone, specifically, both of them.

If you haven’t been following the Nexus news as of late, there have been a handful of rumors saying LG is once again reprising the role and separately, that Huawei is going to try their hand at it, making them the first Chinese brand to carry the torch. And on top of both of those groups of rumors, a third bout has claimed that Google is in fact working towards two Nexus phones, likely in a small/large layout.

nexus5-whiteAccording to the Android Police post from above, it is in fact shaping up to look like Google will cater to two sectors of the market this year for the first time ever by releasing both a smaller and larger Nexus phone. The smaller device will reportedly be the LG-made unit (codename: LG Bullhead) and feature a 5.2-inch display backed up by a Snapdragon 808 hex-core processor and 2,700 mAh battery while the larger Huawei-made device would feature a ~5.7-inch display and Snapdragon 810 processor and 3,500 mAh battery.

For fans of the hallowed Nexus 5’s small footprint + large screen, the Nexus 6 was a move in the wrong direction entirely. This Nexus 5 II of sorts is something many Nexus 5 faithful have been clamoring for ever since the Nexus 5 began nearing a year, and rumors of the at then unknown Nexus 6 started surfacing.

Conversely, those of you who love big screens pushing the boundries of what a phablet is will no doubt love the Huawei’s larger and higher end CPU.

As Android Police notes, given the rumor status of these devices (and the always progressing hardware), the ARM/Qualcomm 808 and 810 aren’t finalized, neither is the RAM or storage amount in either device.

Changing gears, AP’s sources say that Google is comfortable with last year’s Nexus 9 for another generation as there is currently no successor for 2015 planned…for better or worse.

googleio-2015-smallWhile we’ll always geek out on hardware, especially Nexus hardware, we’re always looking at the software too. Most notably, Nexus devices have always come up short as far as battery life and camera performance is concerned. Each year Google promises both as big focuses/features of the latest major Android release and each year it’s abysmal compared to competing devices from 3rd party manufacturers like LG, HTC, and Samsung to name a few. Will this year be different? We’re hoping so. And we’ll get a better picture of the software front very soon with Google I/O 2015 later this week, which is said to give us our first look at the upcoming Android “M” release no doubt due for later this year.

Stay tuned…

Update: The original report had the Huawei and LG code names mixed up. Corrected.

Source: Android Police


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