Grand Theft Auto 5 crosses 52 million units sold.


Love it or hate it, the GTA series is a massive money maker for Rockstar and everyone in between them and you, the end user/customer. Each new version of the hit franchise seems to topple the last in regards to hype, revenue, and other number centric figures. GTA 5 is no different.

Just a couple months after announcing 45 million units sold, the publisher behind the game (Take-Two Interactive) has updated their figures, announcing that over 52 million units of GTA 5 have been sold across the 5 platforms it’s available on (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC).

Being fans of the game ourselves, we’re happy to see the various entities with their hands in the GTA 5 pot enjoying success. It’s a massively fun game and perfect for anyone looking to actually complete a mission or simply kill 2 hours. Enjoy!

Source: Take-Two

Via: Polygon


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