Update: Get a Moto 360 for $130.


Moto360Have you been on the fence with Android Wear watches either because of lack of 1st gen hardware pleasing you or waiting for price drops? Well, here’s something to entice you.

Woot is selling “Factory Reconditioned” (refurbs) Moto 360s for $129 complete with manufacturer backed warranty. While some may not like the idea of buying someone else’s mistake (whether hardware damage or buyers remorse), it’s a pretty simple way to generally walk out the door with a still awesome piece of gadgetry on the cheap. Even with 2nd gen products coming up in the next couple months, $130 isn’t too bad to pop for one of the arguably best Android Wear devices made to date.

Update: The deal is good for today only (May 14th, 2015).

Source: Woot

Via: Android Central


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