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IMG_0199Wireless charging is one of the most underrated features a smartphone in 2015 and beyond can have. Yeah, it isn’t as fast as some of the QuickCharge 1 and 2.0 products out there. But it is faster than normal USB charging (provided you’re source is an AC outlet). The real benefit is also found in not needing to constantly unplug and re-plug in your device when you pick it up and place it back down.

Today, we’re taking a look at TYLT’s Vu Solo, a Qi wireless charging device that we’ve had camping out on our desk for the last couple of weeks.

Hardware & Design

The Vu Solo is a different take on the wireless charging station from the company’s own previously released “Vu Wireless charger” (review here). Whereas the original variant was more of a stand, the Solo takes the charging “pad” route.

As far as design goes, it’s a simple square with rounded edges. The overall case is plastic with the top portion that covers the Qi charging coil being a soft touch material of sorts to prevent your device from slipping off. This is both a blessing and a curse. While the soft touch rubber helps hold your device in place, it’s also a dust magnet. It always looks dusty/dirty.

IMG_0265On the backside rests a single microUSB port used for providing power. Finally, the underside of the Vu Solo features four small rubber feet to keep positioned on your desktop.

One other item to make note of is in regards to the USB cable that TYLT ships with the Solo itself. Specifically, there’s a movable stopper of sorts that you can move and place once you’ve found your smartphone’s “sweet spot” for the charging coil located inside of it. Once you’ve got that placement worked out, every time your drop your phone on the Solo afterwards can be done quickly without thinking about whether or not you got the phone positioned in exactly the right spot.


IMG_0201If you’re wanting a simple wireless charger for your device, the Vu Solo is a nice entry point. It’s a simple, flat charging base that can fit devices large and small. Conversely, it’s flat. If you’re wanting to be able to sit this on a desk and glance at it in a manner you’d typically do with a more traditional wired dock, you’ll have to get used to leaning in and looking over it. (That’s where the original Vu Wireless charger excels as it’s more of a traditional dock.) That said, those of you looking for a wireless charger will probably already have a set usage scenario and pick either the original dock-like Vu Wireless Charger or newer Vu Solo accordingly.

TYLT is asking $49.99 for the Solo which we feel is “ok” in terms of pricing. You can always find cheaper 3rd party items on Amazon/eBay. Though, taking more exotic trips through such portals can result in often questionable build quality. The TYLT products may not ever be the cheapest on the block but they are well built and pretty stylish, too. And for some, that’s well worth the added cost.

Overall, the Vu Solo is a nice, simple wireless charging base.

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