Action Proof launches First Apple Watch bumper on Indiegogo.


15.LensEffectsSourceWith the official Apple Keynote now behind us, the march to it’s impending release is upon us. And with any new hardware launch is the flood of 3rd party accessories afterwards. And even though the Apple Watch isn’t a phone, accessory manufacturers aren’t wasting any time making a case for it. Yup. Watch cases are a thing now.

The Italian made “The Bumper” by ACTION PROOF is officially open for investing on the items IndieGoGo page. Much like your typical bumper, the Bumper for Apple Watch is a simple covering that will slip around the main face piece of the watch to help absorb impacts to protect said watch from scratches and of course, cracked glass. Action Proof maintains that all native access to ports, buttons and the screen itself will unhindered.

Action Proof is looking to reach a $10,000 funding goal over the next 4 weeks to bring The Bumper to market. If you’re going to be one of the first-gen Apple Watch owners and enjoy an active trip here and there, you might want to give Action Proof’s Apple Watch bumper a looksie.


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