Microsoft is finally releasing a wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller for PC.


Of all the problems in the world, right up there at the top of a lot of Xbox One/PC gamers’ lists is the lack of a wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller. For certain games on PC it’s understandable that you just want a dammed controller. One example comes to mind: Grand Theft Auto. That game is absolute crap on keyboard only, especially driving. A familiar controller makes all the difference in the world. And on old-gen hardware with the 360, there has been a wireless option for years. But when Microsoft launched the Xbox One, they did so without even supporting the Xbox One controller on PC at all! They finally got around to adding said support months after the Xbox One launch, but in wired mode only. Which, let’s be real, wired anything is useless. It’s 2015. But alas, Microsoft is finally coming around.

xb1-cThis week Microsoft announced that a wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller for PC use will launch alongside Windows 10 to showcase the tighter integration between Windows 10 and the Xbox One, more-so the ability to stream Xbox One games to the PC. All that said, we’d much rather see Microsoft give us a way to stream PC games to our Xbox Ones. It’s appreciated either way, though.

While we’d certainly appreciate it sooner rather than later this year, we’ll take anything at this point sans wire. It’s been a long, arduous road. But we’re almost there, everyone. Soon we’ll be able to freely and easily use our Xbox One controllers on PC in a less archaic fashion.

Via: Overclock3d


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