LaunchCenter Pro is coming to Apple Watch


Apple’s upcoming watch is probably one of the most hyped Apple products to date (save for that elusive Appel TV). And while we know a decent amount about it now, it’s only served to increase the building hype. The most important question everyone seems to be circling back to, though, is just what exactly can/will they do with the Apple Watch? What purpose does it serve? Is it a notification checker, a garage door opener, a news feed on your wrist…. a watch? Truth be told, it’s going to be a lot of things in a way that Apple typically hasn’t approached. And what better way to attack this “be anything you want” image than with something such as LauncherPro.

Those of you who already use LauncherPro on iOS will know how incredibly useful the custom app/shortcut launcher is. There’s a lot of versatility in that you can create all kinds of shortcuts to not only apps, but actions and people too. And once Apple launches the Apple Watch in the near future, you’ll get the same functionality on your wrist.

In a piece that appeared back on Feb. 27th on the NYT, App Cubby owner (LauncherPro) said that they are in fact working on LauncherPro for the Apple Watch. While there wasn’t much info at all about the Watch version of the app, it’s easy to hypothesize the vast potential that something like LauncherPro will bring to the Apple Watch.


If there’s anything that perfectly encapsulates the quick, highly connected, futuristic feel of a smart watch, something like Apple Watch + Launcher Pro is right at the top.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited to see how LauncherPro exists within the Apple Watch environment and just how versatile it can become.

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