Running out of juice is never a fun thing. And it never fails, the party stopping battery alerts almost always occur when you are most dependent on your phone for some specific function. Good battery life is of course one of the things you can factor in when buying a device. Aside from that, though, you’ve got battery packs and lastly, going old school and plugging in to recharge your device. The last option is often ignored. Owners of multiple gadgets who have to carry multiple cables will gladly take anything that makes their lives easier and their bags less full of junk. Exhibit A: TYLT CHARGESYNC-DUO.


What it is

The TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO is a microUSB charging cable. It’s also a Lightning cable for charging your newer iOS devices. To get everything crammed down into one cable, TYLT took the concept of a microUSB to Lightning adapter, attached a bit of slack/cable and called it the SYNCABLE.

How it works

Like any other cable, plug in both ends and the electron river will flow. Except this time, instead of having to carry around an adapter and or a cable and adapter, you can now carry just one item and never have to worry about losing any one part.


Is it worth it?

At $24.99, we’d say it’s a resounding “yes”, especially if you have multiple gadgets of any sort. Pretty much every electronic gadget these days uses microUSB to charge. The other port that is generally in use is Apple’s Lightning connector. With the two blended together (for less than the price of one standard length Apple Lightning cable) we think it’s a no brainer. Why pay $25 for a cable that only charges one type of device when you can get something like the SYNCABLE?



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