App Spotlight: Weatherlove & widgets (Material Design)


weatherlove-iconWe’ve been pretty fascinated with Material Design as of late and eagerly searching through numerous articles, subreddits, G+ communities and more for new and interesting apps. Today’s treasure: Weatherlove & widgets.

Truth be told, WL&W has been around awhile but only more recently got some Material Design love. That said, once you fire up the app itself you’ll quickly forget about the name.

If what you’re after in a weather app are simplicity and Material Design, Weatherlove & widgets will definitely be to your liking. The top most view shows current weather conditions as well as 500px sourced images for your location/weather. Swipe down once and you’re met with an extended 5+ day forecast while an additional swipe down brings up a near-term ~12 hour forecast.

As any decent, self-respecting app these days, Weatherlove & widgets does indeed feature several widgets to choose from. There’s also DashClock integration for those who make use of said app. For now, tablet layouts are just blown up phone layouts but the developer says a more proper tablet design is coming soon. On that “soon” note however, according to the developer via the Weatherlove Google+ community, time hasn’t been on his side. As such, “soon” is relative in terms of updates. Our opinion: we haven’t had any issues with it thus far but if it doesn’t work/look right on your device, it probably won’t be fixed tomorrow. Still, what it does look like here and now is pretty awesome.

Oh, it’s also free (with an add on the bottom of the screen). There’s an in-app purchase to remove the aforementioned add.

Thus far, what’s your current favorite?

Get it: Weatherlove & widgets (Play Store Link)


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