App Review: Weather Timeline. A Material Designed weather app for Android.


Screenshot_2014-12-01-21-05-50I’ve gone through a slew of weather apps on multiple platforms over the years. I’m kind of a weather junkie, and an impossible one to please at that. Every few weeks I’m using a different weather because…. I can. Needless to say, though, I’m always looking for the next latest and greatest. Unfortunately, finding a weather app that is 1) feature filled, 2) designed well and 3) unique is hard to find these days. But I just broke a dry spell by stumbling onto Weather Timeline by designer and developer Sam Ruston.


Materal Material Material (design)! It’s easy to see that Material Design and Android 5.0 are the styling cues Sam based Weather Timeline off of. Simple, bold colors make this app super easy to read and clean overall.

One aspect of Weather Timeline that I’m most happy about are the widgets. Weather info is a prime example of what widgets are for. Unfortunately, the vast majority of widgets that weather apps have incorporated are either ugly as all get out or poorly laid out. Weather Timeline excels at both of my main criteria. Building on this point is one widget in particular layer out in the form of stacked cards. If you have multiple cities you like to track, Weather Timeline will overlay and offset multiple city cards and allow you to quickly and easily flip between them on your home screen. (See middle screenshot above for stack layout.)


Your basic functionality like detailed current weather view, forecast for hours/days ahead and weather radar are already here out of the box. Weather alerts are a go, too. Weather data is (for better or worse) provided by On that note, I used to really love a year or so back. But over the last few months data has seemed to be less accurate. It’s been a few months since I’ve used a app, though (moved over to Open Weather Map data) I’m willing to give it another go with something as nice as Weather Timeline to showcase it.

One other standout feature (besides the design) of Weather Timeline is something called “Time Machine”. It seems a bit gimmicky up front but essentially is far, far out weather forecasting. While temperature accuracy is probably easy enough to get fairly close, the accuracy of rain/clouds/snow/etc. is something that can probably be taken with a grain of salt the further out you go. That said, Time Machine is good for up to 40 years of past weather and 10 years into the future should you get bored of the here and now.

Finally, those of you with Android smart watches will be pleased to know that Weather Timeline supports Android Wear so you can take all the Material goodness to another screen.


The coolest new weather app

I’m going to go on record and say Timeline Weather is the best new weather app to hit Android in awhile. It looks fantastic, modern and clean and has enough data to satiate a large chunk of the population looking for weather info. Oh, it’s also priced affordably at $0.99. You should probably download this…

More: Sam Ruston (Developer website) | Video demo YouTube



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