Review: Unu 10,000 mAh Superpak


We’re battery case/pack connoisseurs around here. With all the gadgetry that we pick up, additional power is a must. Unu is one such company that has been around a little while now that manages to make some pretty awesome battery accessories at pretty affordable prices. This time around we’ve got their 10,000 mAh unit in house. And let us just say, for those of you with both iOS and non-iOS devices (which all pretty much use microUSB to charge), this battery pack is going to be very tempting.

Besides the dual high-output (1 and 2.1 amp) ports, you get a nifty little USB to microUSB/Lightning cable. The cable has the microUSB to Lightning adapter attached to said cable, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing you adapter when you need it. Now, granted, we’ve noticed the flapping adapter can be a bit annoying at times. But for us at least, the minor annoyance is easily and quickly overlooked.

As for the rest of the hardware, it’s rather small considering the power housed inside. On one end you have your power button, two external charging ports and the charging port for the battery pack itself. On the top side you’ll find nothing more than a simple Unu logo and four LED charge indicator. It’s sleek and low key – exactly what we like in battery packs.

Physical traits aside, the real meat of the story is how it extends usable life to your gadgets. And for that we’re more than pleased. Charging single and multiple devices simultaneously is fast thanks to the 1 and 2.1 amp charging ports. And while 10,000 mAh is going to take a little bit to charge no matter how you slice it, it is something you just have to accept. That said, we’re kind of bummed Unu didn’t incorporate their super fast charging technology found on their Ultra Pack Go and Tour devices (reviewed here). It is worth noting, though, that on this particular device, Unu is using their “SuperX” charging technology over microUSB that is supposed to charge at 2x the normal rate one would typically find over microUSB. In our testing, the claim of 2x was generally spot on which just goes to show how versatile the USB 2.0 spec is. It also further illustrates just how much we need a replacement, too.
The normal pricing for the Superpak is $99.99. Even though we really like this particular battery pack, $99.99 just feels a bit high. That said, Unu is currently selling it for $39.99 on their site – which is a steal. For $40 we can’t think of anything else we’d rather have. Solid performance and giant battery at a reasonable price.



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