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eFreesia-GS-MainHere we are again, giving eFreesia another round to see if they can come through as a go-to battery charger for your smartphones and tablets. We ran the eFreesia Bar through the ringer a few months ago and we were mighty impressed with what we found. So, given the chance to review the duo a shot that not only features charging capabilities for smartphones, but also features a 5V 2.1A port to give your tablets a good charge. I set out on a camping trip and all I brought with me was my iPhone 5, my iPad 3, and the eFreesia Duo. Read on to see how it faired amongst the wilderness and all the battery draining parties I threw!


When reviewing the Bar, we really liked the design, it was small and compact and really gave a nice charge for the size of the charger, the Duo features a longer and slender frame that resembles almost perfectly the height of the iPhone 5, with just a few more beers in it’s belly making it slightly fatter. Hopefully that gives you an idea on how small this 5000mAh battery charger really is. I was sent the matte black version, which in my honest opinion is gorgeous. A small eFreesia logo on the front set atop a black canvas, the output amps text on the bottom, and nothing but some eFreesia Duo info tucked away on the back.

The Duo is one of the most comfortable battery chargers I’ve used. When compared to the bulkier chargers around, design is usually left at the drawing board, but the duo keeps you backed up yet doesn’t sacrifice a slim and sexy build. The Duo fits perfectly in your pocket for an actual travel charger you can use anywhere, which I’ve found really hard to find in other chargers.

eFreesia-GS-3On the bottom between the output USB slots are 4 blue led lights that show your current charge status. Once you hit that 1 light left area, it is really time to re-charge, I found that nothing happened once that light was left standing alone. But once your device is fully charged, just unplug from the Duo and you’ll see it automatically turn off after around 20 seconds, which is a nice feature in case you forget to turn it off.


Packing a slim 5000mAh battery, the eFreesia Duo does a great job charging your gadgets when you need it. Compared to the Bar, I got exceptional charging power with the Duo. I was able to get about 1.5 charges with my iPhone on two different occasions. It seems low for the what I’ve found with other device, but still a much better turn out compared to the Bar. I tested and recharged my iPhone about 5 times, 2 were consistent at 1.5 charges, one was just above 2 times, the other two were a around 1 to 1.5 times the charge.

eFreesia-GS-2I then threw my iPad at it, and after 3 separate charges, I received about a half of a charge each time through the 2.1A output. All in all, this didn’t really make sense to me, but this is what I got. I was able to get much more life out of my iDevices than I thought I would during my camping trip. Luckily I had a better to fully charge the Duo after it died so I could keep using it over and over again. To get more life from the already killer iPad battery while on the trip was great so I could keep my kids out of my hair so I could start fires and drink beers.

Not only does the Duo have a 1A and 2.1A USB output, but snapped into the left side is a built in USB cable so you it can charge itself if you happen to not have a micro-USB cable with you. And along the right side is a built in Micro-USB for charging your micro-USB capable devices. This thing is jam-packed with charging capabilities.


The eFreesia Duo is quite the battery monster. The design alone is worth the $39.99 price tag. Add in the 5000mAh battery, you should be set for a while. Charging both your tablet and smartphone at the same time with the 1A and 2.1A outputs is another great advantage above other chargers. The Duo is currently on sale and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t head on over to to pick yourself up a Duo. It does make a great Father’s Day gift for anyone man out there that has kids and needs a quick charge.

The battery is there for those that need a manly slap in the face to keep you from running out of juice. Being able to charge two devices at once, including a tablet is a huge win for eFreesia. For the price and the great design, I can’t help but recommend the eFreesia Duo for anyone out there that needs a boost while on the go.

Thanks to eFreesia for the review sample



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