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Divoom-Solo-GS-1I’ve had the chance to test out many Bluetooth speakers over the past many months, and have a few more to show you moving forward. Finding the alternative to some of the bigger names out there that can benefit those needing a better price point without sacrificing sound is definitely what I’m here to do.

One of the biggest things I look for in finding the best Bluetooth speaker is portability and great sound. I love the idea of being able to keep headphones and a speaker in my bag if I so need to start an instant dance part – something I’m known for doing. So when I saw the press release for the Divoom Bluetune-Solo, I was happy to give it a shot just because of the size of the speaker. I’ve reviewed some really small speakers in the past, and unfortunately not really pleased with the output of sound. So as I was waiting for this to arrive I was hoping I’d get something that I could use as my go-to portable speaker. Was Divoom able to fill that void in my life? Let’s see…

Divoom-Solo-GS-5First off, the Bluetune-Solo comes is simple packaging that highlights the compact design and vibrant colors, which the Solo has many of, 5 colors to be exact. The Solo features a very cute and minimalistic design that makes it gorgeous for any you might put it, especially with all of the colors it ships in. The cylindrical package is about as wide as a can of beer and almost half the height. All colors ship in a matte touch wrap that feels great in your hand and that actually looks beautiful.

When taking it out of the packaging it actually feels quite heavy. Doesn’t give the illusion that it is built with cheap material, but it doesn’t make it so heavy that you won’t want to carry it around with you. It weighs probably in the range of 8oz and fits great in the palm of your hand. As you can see in the gallery, something broke off in the plastic packaging that tore off the paint on the speaker grill on the top of the unit, which brings me to my first gripe, that stuff chips off really easily, and once it starts, there is no stopping it, especially if you keep it in your bag and it is constantly rubbing up against something, as you can see to the right.

Not much to talk about as far as buttons and crap littering the speaker, you have a overbearing X-BASS logo on the top next to the call/Bluetooth pairing button. On the bottom side you have the charging port, and opposite that you have the Aux out port. As with most Bluetooth speakers shipping over the past couple of months, this does allow for Daisy Chaining, to give you that surround sound over the mono-crap output. The bottom of the speaker has an On/Off switch, which brings me to my next issue, no volume controls on the device itself. This means you have to control everything from your phone, which gets to be somewhat of an issue, especially if you have the speaker with you and your device somewhere else.

As far as sound quality goes, I’ll start off by saying I was skeptical going into this review, because of the size and my past experience with speakers of this size. But I’ll tell you that I was quite wrong, the sound that pummels out of this speaker is actually louder than I thought possible. The other side of this is that even with the loud sound, it isn’t a flat and crappy music experience. The patented X-bass really gives a full and rich sound you won’t be embarrassed to have blasting from your little red speaker.

Divoom-Solo-GS-3The Solo doubles as a hands-free speakerphone for your mobile devices and actually does a great job shoving out the person on the other ends voice. I was able to stand about 15 feet away and hear that person exceptionally well. The issue with the speakerphone part of this is having the caller hear you. I kept getting comments that it sounded like I was far away. So I was able to hear them fine, but it almost seems that the mic for you to talk into was left in the packaging that you threw out. I wasn’t able to use this as a speakerphone at all which is a bummer because it works flawlessly in every other aspect.

The Divoom Bluetune-Solo is a great speaker in such a small package. I’ve used a bunch of different Bluetooth speakers and I’ve been surprisingly pleased with this one. Don’t let the small package fool you, the sound that this pushes out is definitely something that you will be able to enjoy from anywhere. I’ve been using this in both my house and my car and haven’t felt the need to even turn up the volume all the way. It punches the bass out of an insanely small package.

It’s true that a Jambox will get you a better sound, but in my opinion the price really can’t justify that over the Bluetune-Solo. For just under $50, and so many different colors, the Solo should be a speaker everyone should consider. If you are looking for something that is decently priced, portable and that doesn’t sound like bollocks, definitely give Divoom a try. Head on over to Divoom’s website and check it out as well as the rest of the speakers they have to offer.

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