Original DOOM Screencap Upscaled And Tweaked To 9600 x 7211 Work Of Art


The original DOOM is one of those games that really shouldn’t be messed with. It’s retro gaming glory in all its finest, giving millions fond memories of non-human slaying from yesteryear. But if you had to alter the original DOOM, doing some serious upscaling of the graphics to something a bit more impressive than the original 320 x 240 (holy pixel batman) sized graphics to 9600 x 7211 is something we’d be ok with.

Deviant Art user “Elemental79″ took the original graphics to an all-new level, ultimately plunking 35 hours of work into the eight day project. While it won’t materialize into anything actually playable, the eye candy we can appreciate is certainly welcome.

Cool, eh?

Via: Gizmodo, DuelingAnalogs


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