Google Music Scan And Match Feature Now Live In The U.S.


20121218-131754.jpgOnce distinct advantage Apple has had with iTunes Match over Google’s similar Google Music setup (in the U.S. specifically) is that your entire library can be scanned and “matched” with Apple’s library online, thereby only requiring content not available in iTunes to be uploaded. If you’re an owner of a massive music library and early adopter of Google Music, you know how important of feature this is. I myself sat through many days of constant uploading to get my Google Music library up to speed.

Advantage no more.

Today, Google has unveiled that the iTunes Match like scanning feature currently available only to European Google Music users is finally available in the U.S. No more waiting days to have your music uploaded. Simply run an initial scan to match your library and then upload only what the Google Play store doesn’t have available for sale already.

Your matched content will be stored in the Google Cloud in the form of 320 Kbps MP3 files. Content that has already been uploaded and is lower quality than Google’s 320 Kbps MP3s will be replaced over the coming weeks according to Google.

*Fist pump*

Source: Google | Via: Engadget


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