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This isn’t a new accessory for the iPad by any means, but with the recent release of the iPad 4, we thought it was worth the shout out. A lot of people will be picking up a new iPad, or even their very first Apple tablet during the upcoming holidays, so we thought it best to just shine some light on an accessory that will fit perfect for anyone that uses their iPad as an actual mobile way of staying connected. Whether you are taking your iPad to school or just traveling a lot with the tablet instead of a laptop, you will need something to keep it safe and help ease the burden of carrying the device.

Recently we were sent the Dresden Klaus9i Messenger Bag and for the past couple weeks I’ve been using this as my go-to bag instead of the actual messenger bag I use day to day. I have a decent commute to and from work each day, so having a bag to carry my most important items is a must. Most of the time I find myself cramped on the light rail with barely an inch to move, so the Klaus9i actually seemed like a good idea considering it’s a lot smaller than the current bag I use.

The Klaus9i features a light weight design that is way more compact than most messenger bags on the market. The compact design made carrying my iPad a lot more convenient than a larger bag that was initially made for a laptop. But, SGP didn’t sacrifice storage or convenience for a smaller design, inside you’ll find two larger compartments that will probably hold two iPads perfectly. I found it extremely convenient since I do have a ZAGG Bluetooth keyboard that I keep with me, so each slot was perfect. Inside also has two smaller pockets that have been working great for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that I’ve been lugging around as well as a stylus and my headphones. That’s really all you get inside, but it is more than enough. The minimalistic design is definitely perfect for carrying your tablet, phone and a light range of accessories.

The case itself is made out of a hard, yet flexible and padded outside that adds a nice level of protection to whatever you’re packing inside. A removable strap makes gives this the ability to be a multi-functional iPad case that you can store with your books in a larger bag, or just carry it on it’s own without a strap. It’s a book-style design that has two heavy-duty zippers that open all the way to allow the case to open and lay flat on a table. Inside features a soft neoprene set of pockets, a large one on each side and one that also has two smaller pockets.

Even though the case is compact and on the smaller side, you still have a decent amount of room on the inside. I had my iPad attached to my ZAGG keyboard slid into one pocket, a small notebook in the other as well as my Note 2 and some other odds and ends, none of this added any bulk to the bag. During my day-to-day tasks, I found this case highly useful and can’t wait to try it out on the blogging go when I hit CES early next year. It’ll really be put to the test when I want quick access to a range of items that would normally sit in a larger bag. I tested this guy out with a ZAGG case/keyboard, the Smart Cover as well as the Spigen Ultra Thin Series and found nothing that wouldn’t work with this bag.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a smaller more compact case to carry around your iPad, the Klaus9i might just be the case for you. A tough design that looks great and also adds convenience of multiple pockets makes this case shine above other options on the market. The case is on the more expensive side, coming in at $74.99, and only shipping in black. I really think this case could be more of a recommendation if there were other color options and the price wasn’t so steep. But, the Klaus9i is a very light weight and rugged case with multiple uses and surprises. It’s a convenient little bag that adds complete protection in a simple design.

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