Powerful PC Gaming In A Pint-Sized Box: Digital Storm Bolt


20121023-100129.jpgBig, hulking chassis and lots of black plastic/metal are the usual staples of your typical gaming PC. The DIY nature of custom PC building means things can be customized to the nth degree. That said, the focus is almost always on bang for your buck power or quietness – but all in larger cases. For some, the smallest footprint is also a concern, though most times it means sacrificing power. And in the custom PC gaming world, low-power means “weak”.

But Digital Storm wants to change that as is evident by their pint-sized “Bolt” gaming computer. At just 3.6-inches wide, 13.3-inches tall and 13.4-inches deep, it’s about as tiny as you can make a computer. But the real surprise is what it can hide inside – up to a GTX 680 (full-size)! Digital Storm says they’re working on fitting a larger 700w power supply to the Bolt so Nvidia’s dual-GPU GTX 690 can fit inside while also simultaneously taking the crown for most bad ass mini-PC ever.

The Verge has a hands-on where there’s plenty more eye candy to be found.

While we’ve certainly enjoyed our fair share of PC builds, there’s something to be said about this more hands-off, diminutively sized gaming rig from Digital Storm. It’s not cheap, that’s for sure. But raw power in the PC gaming world never is. We’d give it a home. You?




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