pod2G’s Ongoing Untether Exploit Doesn’t Work On 3rd Gen iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS.


According to a tweet by infamous iOS hacker/jailbreaker, pod2g, the latest untether exploit he’s working on for an eventual (assumed) iOS 5.1(.x) jailbreak does not work on the 3rd-gen iPod Touch. He also speculates that the iPhone 3GS could be out too.

A post-iOS 5.1 untether jailbreak (more-so A5 devices like the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3) is being anxiously awaited upon by a vast number of iOS users who either accidentally or purposefully updated to the latest iOS 5.1/5.1.1 on their devices. Over the last week pod2g has tweeted several things pointing to a possible untether jailbreak release in the not too distant future (“a few weeks”).

pod2g’s latest tweet signals that users of now-legacy iOS hardware may find their once grand dreams of jailbreak freedom shattered. That said, there still may be hope. If a downgrade solution is found (such as with redsn0w) to allow someone to downgrade to an older, jailbreak-able version of iOS, things won’t be quite as bad.

On top of the 3rd-gen iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS woes, it was also previously revealed that the Apple TV3 was also immune to the latest jailbreak attempts.

More on pod2g’s current progress: pod2g-ios.blogspot


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