Microsoft To Offer 9 Versions Of Windows 8?


Microsoft has been pretty ridiculous with versions of Windows with the last few major releases. And while word on the interwebz said Windows 8 would shrink down to just 3, new evidence found in the registry of the latest Windows 8 Consumer Preview release says otherwise. Instead of three versions of Windows 8 it appears there will be nine. Yes. Nine. What the hell Microsoft.

  • Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8 Enterprise Eval edition
  • Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
  • Windows 8 Home Premium edition
  • Windows 8 ARM edition
  • Windows 8 Professional edition
  • Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
  • Windows 8 Starter edition
  • Windows 8 Ultimate edition

When will they learn…

Source: | Via: Dvice


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