List Of U.S. Galaxy Nexus Launch Partners Trickles Out.


Lining up for a Galaxy Nexus? You’ll want to make note of the supporting launch partners first. Globally there are going to be a slew of carriers, with many countries seeing multiple options. In the U.S. however, Verizon is rumored to have scored an exclusive period of unknown length. While such 1-carrier launches aren’t normally part of the Nexus brand’s “open” nature, money can buy just about anything.

With that said the Galaxy Nexus signup page is now live. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a small section for “carrier preference” that spills the beans on some of the U.S. carriers that will eventually sell the Galaxy Nexus. If you don’t see your carrier don’t worry. This list will surely grow as we get closer to and even several weeks after the Galaxy Nexus launch in early November.


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