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Podcast ios_security

Put on your tinfoil hats, because Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM have created an Artificial Intelligence Consortium! Also, we talk about iOS 10’s poor encryption, Samsung “fixes” 1 million Note…

Podcast 451821-why-you-should-use-yahoo-search-yes-yahoo

This week on B3: Comcast launching a MVNO cellular service, Yahoo has a minor 500 million user data breach, the music industry rebounding, Blackberry closing its hardware division, Microsoft announces…

Podcast explosive-start-for-samsung-galaxy-note-7-more-phones-catch-fire-while-charging-507793-4

Facebook censors iconic Vietnam war photo, Note 7 recall now official, iPhone 7 sold out, there’s porn hiding in iOS10, 1080ti specs leak, Steam makes adjustments to player reviews, Playstation…

iOS screenshot-2016-09-13-07-24-23

sWe are commoner scum in Apple’s eyes, unfit and incapable of touching their beautiful precious prior to release. Many sites however, are fortunate enough to get an early hands-on review…

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